My Family is Anti-Family

Does that sound weird? I mean, on first listen it makes no sense. Yet according to the fine, pro-family folks at MassResistance, my family is anti-family.

How is this possible? Simple: my family has a transgender child that they love and accept.

My family is so anti-family…

  • they decided to believe in and work with their child as who he is,
  • they have invested in gender counseling and medical treatment that has helped give their child hope for a happy life in his gender,
  • they have worked to be open and honest with other family, friends, and members of their community, and
  • they insist on advocating for their child to participate in life openly as himself.

Further, my family supports anti-family bills in the MA House and the Senate such as H1577 and S735: An Act relative to gender identity and nondiscrimination.  Let’s see what MassResistance says about these anti-family bills:

This bill is a major goal of the LGBT lobby this year. It extends the infamous transgender rights and hate crimes law passed a few years ago to also cover public accommodations – including restrooms, locker rooms, gyms, and anything used by the public. If this passes, men dressed as women can use all womens’ restrooms and locker rooms, and vice versa. This is also being pushed across the country.

Wow, that sounds horrible. Let’s parse this a bit.

  • “…a major goal of the LGBT lobby.”

Eek!  A lobby group!  Much like, you know, MassResistance.

  • “…the infamous transgender rights and hate crimes law…”

Of course.  I mean, when some poor soul gets extra time tacked on to their sentence for savagely beating up a transgender kid trying to use the bathroom, we are all going to H-E-double-hockey-sticks.

  • “…men dressed as women…and vice versa.”

This is the pro-family definition of transgender.  And, hey, they have a picture:


The caption reads “This man came to the public hearing for bill H1589…”   Being pro-family means seeing the transgender woman in this picture as a “man dressed as a woman.”  And isn’t he scary?  I mean, he so wants to use the women’s room, the perv.

I am disappointed that such gutter tactics exist in Massachusetts.  I am worse than distressed that “pro-family” legislation exists – with many sponsors – that seeks to block any progress toward transgender rights and, worse, reverse all the wonderful progress we have made toward reducing the bullying and suicides that have plagued transgender kids.  Apparently, it is “pro-family” to subject non-conforming kids to emotional and physical abuse, to make the only acceptable counseling that which drives them further down the road to self-harm and suicide, to encourage other pro-family people to harass and intimidate vulnerable kids.

Please support the “anti-family” transgender public accommodations bills in the MA House and Senate.  The “pro-family” tactics involve fear of the other.  The people most in need of these bills passing are families with kids.  Walk a mile in their shoes and understand why it is important for MA to complete the picture and make public accommodations safe for transgender kids.


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  1. My Gosh I did even know their was a pro family bill. Thank u Ron gor educating me on this and I am so anti family!!

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