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Curt Schilling is one of my baseball heroes.  The guy came to Boston at the lowest possible time for Red Sox fans and he immediately got it.  He promised to beat the Yankees and that he did.  He put on one of the greatest postseason pitching performances I have ever seen in bringing World Series victory to Boston for the first time in 86 years.  In my eyes, he could do no wrong.

Of course, as most people around here know, Schilling is no wallflower and loves to pitch his conservative Christian credentials over the airwaves every so often.  This gets him in trouble with his new bosses at ESPN but he is always, lovingly welcomed back.  Schilling has gotten himself in trouble with charges of Islamophobia, for example, getting himself a good suspension during last year’s baseball season.

And so today I learned that Schilling has caused a firestorm over his latest post involving his views on the transgender issue.  Does it sadden me?  Well, as much as it saddens me that there are people who so completely misunderstand the issue and decide to broadcast dangerous garbage.  No, Schilling should not get fired from his job, not my call.  But Schilling’s point of view needs to be called on the carpet and exposed for what it is.  So let’s do that.

Schilling got in a bit of hot water for posting this meme on his Facebook timeline (and which has since been deleted):

Curt Schilling trans post

Wow, that’s an ugly picture in all sorts of ways.  But guess what, folks?  THIS is the weapon that is used by people opposed to transgender public accommodation laws.  Pictures like this.  I have noted this previously in this blog.  It is the weapon of fear.  Fear that there is a pervert using a Trojan horse to get a peep or cop a feel of your little girl.  Fear of…of…well, that’s what the fear is, I guess.   So let’s examine that.

Transgender people are trying to fit into daily life as themselves.  They are not trying to be anyone else.  People who pretend to be someone else in order to do bad things are bad people.  We have laws on the books that address the things that bad people want to do.  What we do not have on the books are laws that protect people who are simply being who they are.  It should not matter whether you find what such people look like a bit strange.

Hopefully you are still with me.    Now, as for having the wrong parts and getting exposed to them, let me ask you a question.  When’s the last time you checked out someone’s vag or schlong in the rest room?  I mean, did you see one flying on by today?  Yesterday?  Last month?  I’m not a betting man, but I will guess the answer is “no.”  Know why?  People generally speaking don’t do that!  Know who does that?  Perverts.  And we have laws on the books to deal with them.

Imagine being a transgender person in a bathroom.  This person is rather uncomfortable and really does not want to be noticed.  So do you really think that person is going to walk around with his/her/their jewels hanging out for the world to see?  To say this is insanity is an understatement.

Some people may want to spring a trap on me now by noticing that I have yet to mention locker rooms.  Nope.   Same thing applies to locker rooms.  No transgender person wants to be seen naked.  That person just wants to get in, do his/her/their business, and get out with two goals: a) not getting noticed and b) maintaining their self-respect.

It’s not as if any of this is theoretical.  18 states have public accommodation laws on the books that guarantee human rights for transgender people.  (That my state is not one of them is one of the most infuriating things ever.)  There have been zero problems.  Planet Fitness, a major fitness chain with gyms all over the country, has had a policy in place that allows transgender people to use the proper locker room.  Again, zero problems (save for the occasional opponent who has been offended rather than assaulted).

And now I come back to Schilling:

Schill, I love you man, you mean everything to Boston, but please let me ask you this one question.  How many kids in this country have considered suicide this year because they are committed Christians and the world is too cruel?  Please, I don’t know the answer in my head and I bet you might not know either.  Do some research if you want.  Take your time.  But, and please forgive me, I am going to be presumptuous at this point because we both know deep in our hearts that the answer is a big, fat zero.  Now, you are a smart dude so I take it you know where I am going with this.  Yes, that’s right, there are loads and loads and loads of transgender teenagers out there who have made suicide attempts.  Some people guffaw at the stats but in my experience, they are conservative.  Repeat after me: 41% of teens identifying as transgender have considered suicide in this country.  My son is one of those teens.

Schill, I’m not going to call you a bigot or a racist or anything like that.  Name-calling like that is stupid and childish and just unnecessary.  But I am going to say you spouted ignorance with respect to this issue.   Yeah, this is a big, insecure world as you have noted.  Guess what?  It gets a whole lot more insecure when one of your kids tries to off himself because he is afraid of people like you.

I know you have survived some pretty horrible things yourself so I understand that I am not the only one here with problems.  But do you see me spouting off on oral cancer or bankruptcy or lawsuits?  No.  Know why?  Because I am ignorant with respect to those things and have little productive conversation to add.  Just as you are ignorant with respect to transgender people and have added very little except a lot of noise.

Anyway, that’s all.  I look forward to your thoughts on the state of Red Sox pitching this year.


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  1. You are a better man than I am, Ron, because I would not and have not been as understanding of Curt Schilling and am guilty of calling him a bigot and a racist (among other things) with glee. Your points are all excellent, as usual. Keep up the good fight, my friend.

  2. Red Sox pitching? Buchholz needs to go. NOW!!!

    Oh, and the real theme of this post was excellent. Thank you for sharing your thoughts

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